Leabharlann saor in aisce - leabhair nua

The McCartans of Kinelarty - Sean Mac Cartan

TEANGA: Gaeilge
ÚDAR: Sean Mac Cartan
ISBN: 9782746668355
MÉID: 7,76

The McCartans of Kinelarty Is féidir leat a íoslódáil an leabhar saor in aisce gan chlárú


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Cur síosThe McCartans of Kinelarty and Charles de Gaulle’s Irish Roots.His 1969 visit to Ireland and his McCartan ancestry.Authors: Thérése Ghesquiére-Diérickx and Sean McCartan.Bi-lingual – English and French.Translations – Dr Eamon O’Ciosan (NUI Maynooth).Published October 2013 by Association Kinelarty, 59110 La Madeleine, France.The ancient homeland of the McCartans is Kinelarty, a region in north-east Ireland.This book details the history of this Gaelic sept from the earliest times, to include events in which their lineage was involved and the resulting impact of these historical events.Over many years they were subjected to colonization, which created a long series of aggression, religious persecution, revolts, wars, and famines.For three centuries, the McCartans of Kinelarty fiercely resisted attempts to colonize the mid portion of County Down but gradually the invader, through a variety of methods, managed to gain control.Eventually in the 17th century the McCartans were dispossessed and scattered.After the Treaty of Limerick (1692), Anthony McCartan, son of the last chieftain, John, left for France with tens of thousands of fellow Irishmen.This event was a landmark in Ireland’s history and became known as ‘The Flight of the Wild Geese’.In France, Anthony became an officer in an Irish regiment of the French army.Amongst his many notable descendants is a direct link to Charles de Gaulle.Meanwhile back in Ireland history has recorded events such as land confiscations, Penal Laws and persecutions. These led to many of the remaining McCartans being forced to migrate to the New World.Their descendants haven’t forgotten their origin and Ireland has not forgotten them